Hidden Lies

Read: Ecclesiastes 12:14

There are people who pretend to live a life of holiness, but they do not have a clean heart. Jesus condemned the Pharisees and religious leaders for not practising what they preached. Jesus openly addressed them as hypocrites and blind guides (Matt. 23). God will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether good or evil (Eccl. 12:14). Our God is holy and He expects His people to be true to Him and obey His commandments faithfully. There are several incidents in the Bible where God exposed the sins of people who disobeyed Him.


Refuge in the Rock

Read: Psalm 18:30-36

There is a story about a young preacher named Augustus Toplady, who was walking through the English countryside when a sudden storm arose. He spotted a wide rock formation with an opening, a cleft, where he sought refuge until the storm passed. As he sat there, he contemplated the connection between his shelter and God’s protection in life’s storms. He had no paper to write on but found a playing card on the floor of the cave like structure and began to write the words to the hymn “Rock of Ages.” This hymn has been a source of strength for Christians ever since.