God’s Instruction for Building a Family

The attack on the family unit has never been greater. The prevalent influences of secular philosophy, psychology and sociology have driven the traditional family unit to the edge of extinction. Like a spiritual tsunami, the influences of moral relativism are rapidly eroding the confidence and faith of many Christians in Biblical foundational truths concerning marriage, family, parenting, etc.


Gospel of Hyper-grace and its Danger

The present day Church is being contaminated with the “gospel of hyper-grace,” which its followers advertise as “gospel of grace.” This study focusses on what it actually is, what its dominant teachings are, and what the Bible actually says regarding those teachings. This author’s intention is to help the readers identify what the true gospel of Jesus Christ is, and how to identify the false teaching spread in the name of “gospel of grace.” Understanding the truth from the Scripture can make the difference between one having eternal life or eternal damnation.


Jesus in Every Book of the Bible

The Bible is all about Jesus. He is pictured or prophesied about in each of the 66 books of the Bible. He didn’t just appear in the Gospels. He wasn’t spoken about in the Epistles alone. A close examination of each book of the Bible reveals the fascinating fact of Jesus present in each book of the Bible starting with Genesis through Revelation. Here is a description of how Jesus is predominantly pictured in each of the 66 books of the Bible.


Storing up Treasures in Heaven

People at all times had the practice of investing in some form of securities. Today also, almost everyone invests in some sort of secure deposits or securities which they regard as their assets in times of need or emergency or even as security in the retired life. Besides this, they may hoard these assets for enjoyment and luxurious indulgence here on earth. The Bible also talks about investments but on a wholly different approach.


The Gospel Hidden in Genesis

When we hear the term ‘gospel’ or ‘good news,’ we assume that it first appears in the New Testament section of the Bible. Well, the answer may surprise you.

An Integrated Message

The Bible is a message system: it is not simply 66 books penned by around 40 authors over thousands of years. The Bible is an integrated whole bearing evidence of supernatural precision engineering in every detail.