Read: Daniel 6:1-28

When it comes to being used by God, money, education, power, etc. are not the eligibility factors. God always looks for faithful men and women to carry out His purposes on earth. In our passage for today, we see the young man Daniel who was faithful to God in a very remarkable and inspiring way. He was neither corrupt nor negligent in his duties towards his king. He was faithful in all his endeavours (v. 4). Even when his religious commitment to God was challenged by his enemies, he remained faithful and committed to God. Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den because he chose to be faithful to God, and because of this, God in His faithfulness, shut the mouths of the lions.

As believers in Christ, our allegiance, dedication and commitment should primarily be to God and His Word and only then to anything else. God should be the number one on our list. We may be persecuted from all sides, but like Daniel we must remain steadfast and zealously committed, doing everything that is consistent with the Word of God.

Paul says in 1 Cor. 4:2, “Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.” It is our choice, whether to be faithful stewards chosen for important responsibilities in God’s service, and use our God-given abilities, talents, gifts, material and financial blessings, in sharing Christ to the world.

Like Daniel, we may be found faithful that our adversaries may point their finger at us and try to falsely convict and frame us. Let us be steadfast in our commitment to our Lord and not fear what man can do. Just like the king loved Daniel because he was faithful, may our Lord be pleased because He finds us faithful.

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