Read: Mark 11:20-24

Faith in itself does not work miracles. But there is a God who always does miracles. God is the One who provides the power, and faith is the channel through which His power is released. In our passage, Jesus used the withered fig tree to teach the importance of well-placed faith that is in God, the faithful One.

J. Hudson Taylor, the pioneer missionary to China, knew the lifestyle of faith in a great and faithful God. He said, “We should bring every care for temporal things to Him and then be anxious for nothing. Is our path dark? He is our sun. Are we in danger? He is our shield. If we trust Him we shall not be put to shame. But if our faith should fail, His will not (2 Tim. 2:13). As the light which shines from the dark waters of the lake is the reflection of the sun’s rays, so a person’s faith is the impress and reflection of God’s faith. The one who holds God’s faith will not be reckless or foolhardy but will be ready for every emergency. The person who holds God’s faith will dare to obey Him.”

Do you have someone who has proved faithful in the past? Then you won’t have any trouble trusting that person in the future. Faith in God is also like this. Faithfulness begets faith. You trust your trustworthy supplier, not yourself or your feelings. Whatever obstacle you may face, the living, loving God of creation, who made the mountains has no difficulty removing them at the right time.

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