Read: John 12:3

Mary understood the will of Jesus. She was willing to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to Jesus speak (Luke 10:39). Her life is a good example for us.

  1. She opened her heart to Jesus and listened to Him with her ears and eyes open.
  2. She anointed Jesus for His burial. She knew that Christ was going to die for us for the remission of our sins. So she prepared Christ for His burial.
  3. She was not a man pleaser. She wanted to please God.
  4. She had a lot of humility. She bowed down in front of everyone and used her own hair to wipe Jesus’ feet with an expensive ointment costing about 300 denarii.
  5. She gave sacrificially. She gave her very best to Christ. The ointment used for anointing Christ’s feet must have cost her at least a year’s wage.

What precious thing are we willing to give Christ?

Mary offered herself to Christ. The whole house smelled like perfume after she anointed Jesus’ feet. The fragrance of the perfume spread throughout the house. Are we willing to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to God (Rom. 12:1)? Are we willing to spread the fragrance of His gospel to others? Are we willing to live and die for Him (Rom. 14:8)?

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