Read: Proverbs 9:10

The relation between fear of the Lord and wisdom may seem absurd to some. How can the fear of God make us wise? The term ‘fear of the Lord’ needs some clarity. It means to have a feeling of awe and deep reverence for God which in turn moves us to acknowledge Him as the sovereign ruler of heaven and earth, submit to His lordship, and walk obediently before Him. If we do this, we shall acquire true wisdom.

If we commit our lives for the Father’s will and purposes rather than our own, we begin to have a deep and growing understanding of the Lord. The Holy Spirit will help us see things and circumstances from God’s perspective. This kind of wisdom is not what the world has to offer and this godly wisdom alone will help us discern to make decisions according to the Lord’s plans for our lives.

Despite this fact, some people refuse to acknowledge God’s right to rule their lives and reject God’s instructions. It is foolish to reject God and think you can win. What is your attitude towards the Lord? If you have genuine reverence for Him, you would want to listen for His instructions and take note of His warnings. The desire to honour and please Him will motivate you to turn away from evil and walk in obedience. Doing this will give you wisdom beyond human comprehension.

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