Read: 1 Timothy 6:6

Many people are not really content in what they have. They may be blessed with all what they need in life. Still they are not content. They may not have contentment with respect to their family life, their spouses, their children, their jobs, etc. Many times, they will be looking at the blessings that others have and desiring them rather than being thankful to God for what they have. When you are discontent, chances are you will tend to covet and even lust for something that is not yours, and thereby violate the Tenth Commandment (Exod. 20:17).

When we surrender to God the burdensome sack of discontent, we don’t just give up something; in fact, we gain something. God replaces it with a lightweight, tailor-made attitude of gratitude. Can you count your blessings and thank the Lord for them? When you factor in the undeserved blessings, will your gratitude increase? When you are content, you will gain your marriage. You will gain precious hours with your children. You will gain your self-respect. You will gain your joy in life. When you are content and thankful to God, He will grant you the peace that passes all understanding.

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