Read: Matthew 7:7-11

Fifteen verses in the Sermon on the Mount concern prayer. Jesus teaches about when to pray (Matt. 6:5-8), how to pray (Matt. 6:9-13), and why to pray (Matt. 7:7-11). Why is prayer so important? God likes to give good gifts to His children who ask Him. Augustine often spoke of the privilege of prayer, but he also said that longing in prayer and long prayer are not the same.

Jesus Himself put an end to long repetitious prayers. God desires that we should be pious. God already knows our needs. Someone may say, “If He knows our needs, why should we pray after all? Since He knows, let Him give what He sees necessary for us.” Why He wants us to pray is that He may give His gifts to one who really desires them and will not regard them lightly.

Prayer is not an exercise to satisfy your heart’s desire. Rather, prayer is the time wherein our sincerity, intensity, and wholeheartedness before God are expressed stemming from our relationship with Him. Have you ever asked God for great things? Things that your own energy and capability could never provide? If not, you have yet to discover the power of prayer. Jesus Himself told us to “ask … seek … knock,” and that we can expect doors to open as a result.

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