Read: Luke 6:27-36

Today’s society that is preoccupied with self might describe the Golden Rule as “Do unto others before they undo you!” The present self-centred society spreads the notion that focussing on the needs of others is fairly difficult when you are wrapped up in yourself. But for the Christian, the Golden Rule provides a ready remedy.

Matthew Henry explains, “What would we want others to do to us, either in justice or love, if they were in our condition and we in theirs – that is what we must do to them. We must treat them as we should desire and justly expect to be treated ourselves. We must give to those in need, to everyone who is a proper object of charity, who lacks necessities which we have the means to supply. Give to those who are not able to help themselves. Christ would have His disciples always ready to distribute what is within their power in ordinary cases, and beyond their power in extraordinary ones.”

Living by the Golden Rule means your treatment of others is based on how you want to be treated in return. Do you desire good? Then give good. Do you want others to forgive you? Then be quick to forgive. But here is the hard part. It is immaterial whether others actually treat you well or forgive you quickly. The point of the rule is: How would you want to be treated? The Golden Rule was not given to the society in general. Instead, Jesus gave this to those who are His disciples, the only ones who are empowered to keep it. Can we live out the Golden Rule as Jesus expects of us?

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