Read: Psalm 113:3

There is no specific schedule when it comes to giving thanks to God. When you start your day in the morning you can thank Him. You can thank Him at lunchtime. And bedtime offers you the opportunity to reflect on and give thanks for the blessings you might have taken for granted throughout the day.

But what about the other moments of the day? Don’t you need to praise Him? What about the moment when you looked out the window and saw the beautiful sunrise with the sun lighting up the entire creation? Do you need to wait till noontime to praise Him for this glorious display? Or what about the moment when you narrowly missed the car from hitting you in the morning? Should you wait till you go to bed to thank God for giving you fast reflexes and good brakes? No need!

See every moment of the day as an opportunity to worship and praise God. Think about some normal aspects of your daily life that could be chances to praise and thank God.

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