Read: John 5:16-20 

In the Bible, we see God working in people’s lives. In some cases, like the parting of the Red Sea, His intervention was so visible and majestic. In some cases, it was not so, like Christ delaying His travel to Mary and Martha’s home when they sent word to Jesus that their brother Lazarus needed His help. Jesus was actually going to perform an even greater miracle.

If we have a daily walk with the Lord, the Holy Spirit will help us recognise God’s presence and working in our life. In addition to this discernment, we must develop patience because God works according to His timetable, and not according to ours. God promised Abraham that He would give Abraham descendants, but there was a long wait before his wife Sarah conceived. Impatience and lack of faith can cause us to take matters into our own hands and make mistakes, just as Abraham and Sarah did.

When the Lord works, He always brings delight as was the case of Hannah when she became a mother. His work can also lead through painful times as was the case of Joseph who was sold into slavery and wrongful imprisonment, and finally being promoted to a position of authority to help his family.

In our passage for today, Jesus tells that His Father is always at work and so is He. When we recognise the ways in which God is operating behind the scenes in His saints’ lives, we will be encouraged and strengthened in our faith journey. They will motivate us to stay the course and maintain a godly perspective in this earthly life.

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