Read: Acts 2:14-21, 37-41

It is good to know about comebacks, whether it is about people or companies who face near disaster and turn things around. The Ford Motor Company is an example of that. In the 1940s, the leadership of the company was reluctant to modernise, and that almost destroyed Ford. In fact, the government nearly took over the company lest its demise threaten the US war effort in World War II. But when Henry Ford II was released from his military duties to run the company, things turned around. Ford became one of the biggest motor corporations in the world.

Occasionally, we need a comeback. We need to correct wrong directions or compensate for wrong decisions. We have an example in Peter. He had failure written all over him. First, he nearly drowned when his faith faltered (Matt. 14:30). Then he said things that were so wrong that Jesus called him “Satan” (Matt. 16:22-23). And when Jesus needed Peter the most, he denied that he even knew Him (Matt. 26:74).

But that is not the end of Peter’s story. In the power of the Spirit, Peter made a comeback. On the Day of Pentecost, he preached and 3,000 people came to faith in Christ (Acts 2:14, 41). Peter returned to his calling and effectiveness because his faith was renewed, he guarded what he said, and he stood up for Jesus. He never went back again. Can we also come back to where Jesus wants us to be? Yield to the Holy Spirit and He will help you in your comeback.

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