Read: Mark 3:20-27

In our passage, Mark 3:21 says, “When His own people heard about this, they went out to lay hold of Him, for they said, “He is out of His mind.”” Jesus’ popularity with the common people and His zeal for His Father’s will prompted even His friends and family to conclude that He was crazy, and that He was a fanatic. But for the Christian there can be no higher compliment.

G. Campbell Morgan says, “People today never seem to think that passionate and sacrificial devotion suggests madness in any realm except the spiritual. No one suggests that the athlete, who gives himself totally to his sport and sacrifices all for the sake of physical prowess, is beside himself. No one imagines that the businessman, who is so devoted to amassing wealth that he shortens his life, is beside himself. No! This suggestion is retained only for those whose service for the souls of men and women is sacrificial. Let all such servants be comforted. They are in holy comradeship. At the same time, let them determine to be among those who have the highest resemblance to the Son of Man, because they are devoted to the will of God.”

Can we be like Jesus in being passionately devoted to God’s will? Can we ask Him to show us areas of our life in which, because of our fear of being labelled fanatics, have stopped to be excited and moved and compelled by Jesus? Let us be fanatics more of heavenly endeavours than of earthly pursuits, more zealous for holiness than for hobbies. Let us be enthusiasts more of lost sinners than of sports, lovers of Christ rather than lovers of personal goals.

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