Read: John 6:1-14

In our passage for today, we see Christ’s disciples casting their focus in the wrong direction. We see Jesus asking Philip where to buy bread from so that the crowd can be fed. Philip’s response showed that he was trying to solve the situation using worldly means. Andrew, at the same time, was trying to approach the situation by surveying the crowd. When he found a boy with five loaves and two fish, his response was “What are they among so many?”

Jesus demonstrated His power to prove who He was and always will be by providing for such a big crowd miraculously. And the same Christ will act on our behalf when our situations seem impossible. In difficult and humanly impossible situations, try not to assess your situations from a worldly perspective. Instead, try to view the situation from God’s perspective. In faith, look up to God expecting that He will work a miracle in your situation.

Avoid attempting to arrange your circumstances. It is a dangerous trap. If you patiently wait upon the Lord and believe in Him despite your situation, you will experience His love, grace, and miraculous provision.

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