Read: Mark 4:35-5:1-20

In the last verses of Mark 4, we read that Jesus and His disciples were travelling by boat to the country of the Gerasenes when a storm came up of such magnitude that it scared the disciples to death. If Satan could just prevent them from getting to the other side of the lake, then the demoniac would never be set free.

Often before a time of great breakthrough, Satan would send a storm. If he can stop us from getting to where we are supposed to be, then the miracle that is also supposed to take place will never occur.

Jesus got up from his sleep on the boat and rebuked the wind and said, “Quiet! Be still!” And at His command the sea became calm instantly. It was not just a powerful illustration of God’s authority over the forces of nature, but it also got them to their appointed destination.

If you are experiencing a storm it could be that you are very close to that destination where a great deliverance or miracle is about to take place. Command the storm … tell it to be quiet and walk calmly through it to your appointed destination and purpose. A breakthrough is on the other side of the lake. The night is darkest before the dawn. So be patient. Do not let the storms of life weigh you down. Great victory and God’s miraculous intervention await you.

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