Read: Genesis 2:18-25

It is customary in wedding ceremonies for the bride and the bridegroom to take the vows “for better or for worse … till death do us part.” But in the present times, some people think that those vows appear to sound too risky. In many cultures, even the Christian officiating ministers say that marriage as we have known it is obsolete. Yet studies show that married people tend to be happier and healthier. God Himself put a lock on marriage because man needed the support and fulfillment that is inherent to a life-long commitment. In Gen. 2:18, it is God who said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.

We must realise that God is not only the architect of marriage but also the One who holds it together. A marriage should be made up of three people: a wife, a husband, and Jesus Christ. Eccl. 4:12 says, “a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” The foundation of a Christian marriage needs to be a commitment to love and honour the Lord in that marriage. Such a marital relationship with Jesus as the foundation can weather any storm that marriage faces in life.

If you are married, is Jesus the third person in your marriage? If you are going to be married, are you willing to put Jesus as that third person in your marriage? He can bring lasting stability to a new relationship, and He can revive the love in a faltering one. But the important thing is that you must surrender to Him, and let Him show you in His Word how He can be your foundation. He alone is the foundation for marriage. Always remember to put Christ first if you want your marriage to last.

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