Read: Philippians 3:14

People who are not focussed hardly arrive anywhere. Napoleon once said, “Opportunities are born and die in the same day: there is time to win a victory before the sun goes down.” He had a single aim.

The apostle Paul was saying that there was one all-controlling purpose, one supreme aim that governed his life. He says in Phil. 3:12, “…that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.” Alexander McLaren put it like this: “But for the attainment of this aim in any measure, the concentration of all our powers upon it is absolutely needful … It’s the wedge which pierces through … The Roman strategy forced the way of the legion through the loose-ordered ranks of barbarian foes by arraying it in that wedge-like form. So we, if we are to advance, must gather ourselves together and put a point upon our lives … The conquering word is, this one thing I do.”

How many of us live the Christian life aiming correctly? We put forth some effort for a while in one direction, and some effort in another direction. We concentrate on a meaningful task for a time, and then our energies are spent on other interests. We have not yet learned to fully surrender to the Lord and let Him govern all of life. Someone rightly said, “It is not a question of who you are or of what you are, but of whether God controls you.” Are you aiming correctly in life?

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