Not Conformed but Transformed

Read: Romans 12:2

The moment we tend to think that we know everything, we are swung to the realisation that there is still much more for us to learn. You open the door to becoming a lifelong learner. In your Christian life, God reveals Himself when you surrender to His Word and the leading of His Spirit. It is through obedience to God’s Word that one finds out His Will and eventually demonstrate that God’s Will is perfect and the best.


Being Like a Child

Read: Matthew 18:4

A child depends on his mother for his basic needs like food, water, care, etc. Children have the lowest position in the society as they have to depend on someone till they are old. Children do not pretend to be someone that they are not. They are honest about their emotions. Jesus told His disciples that unless they change, they will never enter the kingdom of heaven. In God’s kingdom, the humblest person is the greatest. Jesus’ disciples needed the lesson on humility as they were to carry out the ministry of spreading the gospel. Even though Judas Iscariot was one among Jesus’ disciples, his greed led him to commit suicide. Had Judas repented, he would have continued Christ’s ministry.


Right Friendships

Read: Psalm 1

There is a saying which says: ‘A person is known by the friends he keeps.’ A close inspection of the lives of criminals and those with depraved minds reveals that their behaviours came from the bad company they kept in their formative years. In the corporate world, many companies while screening job applicants, search the social network for the candidates’ background and friendships. No one would hire anyone who keeps bad company.