Read: Micah 7:7

When you feel unable to pray, remember that the Spirit Himself intercedes for you with groans that words cannot express (Rom. 8:26). Some of your prayers that you consider desperate and meaningless are actually quite profound. They rise from the depths of your heart – all the way to heaven. It is always good to talk to the Lord concerning the things that lie heavy on your heart, and wait for Him, our Saviour.

Wait expectantly, confident that He will do what is best. The longer you have to wait, the more you must rely on your trust in Him. If you start to feel anxious, seek His help with short prayers such as “Jesus, fill me with Your peace.” You may pray such brief prayers as often as needed. As you put your hope in Him, His unfailing love will rest peacefully upon you. What concerns are pressing in on you right now? Can you share them with the Lord, remembering that you are talking with your closest Friend?

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