Read: Mark 1:14-20

Procrastination is a thief of time and the grave of opportunity. In our passage for today, the fishermen were confronted with a command from the Saviour: “Follow Me.” It was not a convenient command, because they had nets to mend, fish to catch, business to tend and families to care for. Yet there was no time to procrastinate. This was a clear statement of the Master’s will for them.

Charles Spurgeon explained the danger of ‘later’ in the life of a disciple. He said, “When they heard the call of Jesus, Simon and Andrew obeyed without delay. If we would always, punctually and with determination, immediately put into practice what we hear, it could not fail to enrich us spiritually. A person will not lose his loaf once he has eaten it; neither will a believer be deprived of doctrine once he or she has acted on it. Most readers and hearers are moved to the point of deciding to amend; but, alas! No fruit comes of it. They wait, they waver, and then they forget. That fatal ‘tomorrow’ is blood-red with the murder of good resolutions. The practice of truth is the most profitable reading of it.”

Even today, Jesus’ call to obedience does not always come at a convenient time. Obedience is often inconvenient; it has a cost. When we hear any command of Jesus, we often hear within us two conflicting voices: one a call to delay, the other a call to obey. You cannot answer both calls, but you must choose between them. It is not an easy decision. The appeal of both is strong. But always remember, for some people, ‘later’ means ‘never.’ True disciples of Jesus obey without delay.

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