Read: 2 Samuel 22:29

There are many books including self-help books to impart knowledge for daily life. They may give instructions on how to do certain things for the best results. The knowledge of this world may to an extent give the solutions for certain problems or situations that one may face in this life. But merely relying on this world’s knowledge is unwise.

Knowledge of the Bible is essential to a rich and meaningful life. Everything in this life will make sense only if we know the Bible and what God says. The words of the Bible have a way of filling in the missing pieces, bridging the gaps, turning the tarnished colours of our life into jewel-like brilliance. The answer to why certain things happen, God’s perspective, the perspective that God wants you to have, the ultimate purpose in life, real joy and peace in life, are all found when you dig into the Word of God. Learn to take your every problem to the Bible. Within its pages you will find the correct answer. How does your devotional time with God change the way you look at life?

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