Read: Hebrews 10:20

To the original readers of this letter, those last words “curtain – Christ’s body” were explosive. It says the curtain equals Jesus. Hence whatever happened to the body of Jesus happened to the curtain. The curtain in the temple separated the people from God’s presence. The people were not able to approach the presence of God. Only the high priest could go in and that too only once a year.

Things changed because of the cross of Jesus Christ. What happened to Jesus’ body? It was scourged, whipped, bruised by the thorns, torn by the thorns and by the weight of the cross and the point of the nails. But in this gruesome incident, we find the splendour of the open door to the Father.

We are welcome to enter into God’s presence any time and on any day because Jesus has paved the way for us. Praise God!!!

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