Read: 2 Thessalonians 3:6-12

Jesus has appointed believers to be His ambassadors to a lost and dying world. Whenever we interact with our friends, relatives, neighbours, or co-workers, we are to represent Him in our word and deed. God expects us to be diligent and faithful in our work. However, in our pleasure-seeking culture, it’s very easy to slip into laziness. This is in fact a sin, and it can harm our witness for Christ, waste our time and gifts that the Lord has given us, and also damage our relationships with others. Others may label such a person as unreliable, undependable, and untrustworthy.

Procrastination is the first sign of laziness. When we tell someone that we will take action and delay the starting time, we are procrastinating. Or we may begin something but hesitate to finish it. A believer will also be a poor testimony if he carries out responsibilities in a haphazard manner. We should neither be neglectful regarding the needs of others as we carry out our duties.

A believer in Christ shouldn’t be irresponsible in his deeds. If you realise that you have become lazy in some area of your life, confess to the Lord, ask forgiveness, and strive to be industrious for Him trusting in His grace.

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  1. This message is helpful ..I’ve become lazy and forgot to do God’s work..lazy in praying and going to church too.
    This message is exactly for me only.
    I will ask God to forgive me. And will try to come out of all my negatives and laziness.
    Thank you very much for this message.


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