Read: Mark 14:53-72

When Jesus was taken to the high priest for trial, Peter followed Him at a distance (Mark 14:54). Unfortunately, he picked the wrong place and the wrong time. Christ’s call to serve involves a willingness to face persecution. But because of fear, Peter chose the appearance of a servant in order to escape the hardships of being identified with Christ.

Matthew Henry said, “Peter followed Christ, but it was afar off. Fear and concern for his own safety prevailed. It looks bad, and bodes worse when those who are willing to be Christ’s disciples are not willing to be known as such. Here begins Peter’s denial: For to follow Jesus afar off is to turn away little by little. Peter should have gone back up to the court and appeared for his Master. But he went in where there was a good fire and sat with the servants. Not to silence their reproaches, but to screen himself. He followed Him, led more by his curiosity than by his conscience. He attended as an idle spectator, rather than as a disciple.”

There is something inconsistent about a servant in the shadows. Such a servant will be more concerned about his own welfare than his master’s. Such a servant will be more intent on being comfortable than on being a comforter. Times of crisis should be the time for God’s servants to truly portray Him. After all, that is what He has uniquely equipped His children to handle. When adversity comes, will you stand firm for Jesus expecting Him to move powerfully in your situation or will you sit comfortably and let the opportunity pass by?

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