Read: Luke 7:1-10

Faith is something that is more easily demonstrated than defined. You exercise faith when you fly in an aeroplane or visit a doctor. There are chances that you could not land the aeroplane or diagnose your illness. Nevertheless, you rely on the strength and skill of someone who can. That is known as faith. In Luke 7, Jesus commended a Roman centurion for his great faith – something so scarce that even Jesus marvelled.

George Whitefield highlights the necessity of believing faith. He said, “I am not against going to church, nor against the creed, the Lord’s prayer, or the commandments. But believing is something more than those. It is coming to Jesus, receiving Him, rolling ourselves on Him, trusting in Him. I do not know of any one single thing more often repeated in Scriptures than believing. It is described as a coming, trusting, receiving, and relying, under a felt conviction that we are lost, undone, and condemned without Him. As a good old Puritan observed, we never come to Jesus Christ – the sinner’s only hope – until we feel we cannot do without Him.”

What sets the Christian faith apart from religion is having a personal relationship with Jesus on a daily basis, and having faith in Him. Religion is based on what you do for God; faith in Jesus is the response to what God has done for you. Religion is man’s attempt to work his way to heaven; faith in Jesus is accepting God’s good news that heaven is a free gift. Religion involves trying; faith in Jesus involves relying. Have you come to the point in life where you realise you cannot do without the Saviour? He is patiently waiting for you to come, receive and trust Him, and put your faith in Him.

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