Read: Mark 1:35-39

What is the priority of prayer in your daily schedule? It is not casual prayer or a short hurried prayer before a journey. It is quality time with God alone. Even if prayer at any time is good, we ought to have a place and time with God daily on a consistent basis.

Even if Jesus was God, He spent quality time with His Father daily. He did not do anything according to His wishes, but always acted on His Father’s directions. In today’s passage, when the disciples interrupted Jesus when He was in prayer, we see that He already received from the Father the direction to go somewhere else and preach. Jesus demonstrated the Spirit-led life in which prayer played a key role. Since we are God’s children, we ought to follow His footsteps, and spend quality time with God each morning. This is the time to lay down our burdens upon Him, seek guidance for the day’s activities, intercede for others, and trust Him for His protection and provision.

Even if we may be busy with many activities for the day, we cannot ignore prayer. None of us is busier than Jesus when He ministered in Israel during His earthly ministry. Prayerlessness leads to spiritual dryness, anxiety, unrest, and ingratitude. But when we begin the day with prayer and make it a priority, we will have a firm foundation for the day ahead. And in the evening, we can look back with thanksgiving for answered prayer.

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