Read: 2 Samuel 22:31

In the wilderness of loneliness, we are terribly vulnerable. We may want to quit, or we may be tempted to take shortcuts to reach our destination. The world may tempt us to go through ungodly ways and means so as to reach our goals. Will we buy into Satan’s strategies and ways, satisfy our desires in ways never designed by God, and seek security outside of God’s perfect will? If we do, we may find a measure of happiness, but not the lasting joy our heavenly Father wants us to have.

In the Bible, we see Lot accompanying Abraham to go to the Promised Land. But along the way, Lot chooses and settles for Sodom because he saw that land as a fertile land for his livestock (Gen. 13:10-11). But Abraham did not choose based on external appearances. He continued the journey choosing the Lord’s choice. In the end, we see Lot and his family fleeing from Sodom because of the destruction sent on the city by God for its wickedness. If only Lot had stayed with Abraham and continued on the journey to God’s intended place for them, they would not have suffered loss.

It is unwise to accept temporary gains outside of God’s will. When we stay in the centre of God’s will, whatever happens is in the knowledge of God and He will turn everything in our lives to lasting joy.

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