Read: Luke 10:38-42

Jesus had great affection for the family of Martha, Mary, and their brother Lazarus. Jesus was coming to their home and the women were preparing their home for the visit of Jesus and His disciples. However, in her busyness, Martha forgot the importance of spending time with the Lord.

When Jesus arrived at their house, Mary stopped whatever she was doing so that she could learn from Jesus. Martha, on the other hand, was busy with her works. We see Jesus affirming Mary’s attitude of learning from Jesus and urged Martha to follow Mary’s example. Though both women expressed their love and care for Jesus through their actions, Mary chose the better way.

In our relationship with Jesus, He should have first place above everything else in life. Our thoughts, attitudes, actions are to flow out of our deep relationship with Him. But many a time, our own selfish nature, the world and its desires encourage us to give priority to something other than Jesus. Even while serving in His vineyard, we can lose sight of our primary priority – our relationship with Jesus.

Nothing in this world should take a place above Jesus for a believer. Our character and conduct should reflect the nature of His likeness. Jesus desires your time with Him more than your service for Him. What is your utmost priority in life? Is it Jesus or something else?

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