Read: Titus 2:11-14

Many Christians are stuck with some sin in their lives. They know the sin is disrupting their spiritual progress, and more seriously the sin is disrupting God’s plans from getting accomplished in their lives. Israel, God’s chosen nation, had successive episodes of defeat and failure whenever they disobeyed God’s commandments. Similarly, compromise defeats us also.

God calls His children to live obedient, faithful lives. Instead, we are usually occupied with our self-centred needs. And we are influenced by the world as well as the devil. Our selfish side prefers to reinterpret, or rather misinterpret God’s commands to suit ourselves. The world screams at us to join its way of thinking, and show little or no regard to God’s ways either. The enemy, Satan always seeks to gain a stronghold in our lives through our disobedience and compromise of God’s laws.

It is the Lord’s command that we get rid of ungodliness, and His Holy Spirit within us gives us the power to fulfil it. No lawless deed should come from your life. Remember that is what Jesus Christ redeemed you for by giving His life for you. Start to make the change today. Have you agreed with God that your attitude or action is displeasing to Him? Set your mind on obedience to Him, no matter what the cost. It is only the foolish who think they can compromise and still live a victorious Christian life.

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