Read: John 16:23-24

If someone asks you to name the desire of your heart, do you have an answer? How much time would you need to express your deepest, most genuine wanting? Most of us have an almost endless list of things we want, be it a big screen TV, a new car, a premium smartphone, a promotion at work, etc. We add and remove things from our want list every day. Generally, our wants are dictated by what those around us have. Seeing others having certain things make us want what they have.

Our wants come and go, but what are our true desires? If you have not taken time to meditate on this, you may not even know what your heart’s desires are. And if it is so, how can you request them from God? The answer is that you can’t. Not knowing what we truly desire results in we praying for random wants rather than genuine desires. Sometimes the Lord may graciously answer such requests. Sometimes He protects us from foolish wants by saying no. If our requests are not based on prayer and genuine sincerity of heart, we may never understand why they go unanswered.

Are you able to articulate your heart’s desires? If not, spend some time in prayer and introspection in finding out what you deeply desire. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to what He desires for you. Do not let your temporal earthly desires cloud your mind. Request the Lord that He make His desires your own. Ps. 37:4 says, “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

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