Read: James 4:10

You are God’s priceless treasure – unique in beauty, design and potential. There are accomplishments and victories you have achieved that you can be proud of. God is certainly proud of the person you have become. But, if you look closely, you almost certainly will have to admit that everything you are and everything you have done can be traced back to God.

That’s why humility is more than a positive character trait. It’s holding in one hand how much you have achieved and in the other how deeply dependent you are on the One who has helped you achieve it. The best model of humility is that of Jesus as seen in Phil. 2:5-8. Because Jesus humbled Himself, we see that God exalted Him above every other name (Phil. 2:9-11). God always loves the attitude of humility in His children. And He always loves to bless and lift up those who are humble.

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