Read: Isaiah 64:8

Have you observed how a potter makes a vessel out of clay? The clay seems so worthless, but the potter makes a beautiful vessel out of the insignificant clay. The potter can do what he chooses. If the vessel is not according to the potter’s liking, he can redo the work and make it into his liking. The clay does not have a say in its final form. The design is in the potter’s mind alone. This is what we see in Jer. 18:4-6.

We humans have a limited free will, but God’s Will is greater. Even if we as clay resist His sculpting work, He being the potter continues to work on us. What we should become is in His grand design, and He has a plan to form it into shape.

Forming a vessel needs time and patience. Since spiritual maturity can’t be hurried, God forms our Christ-like character slowly. The more we cooperate, the faster and easier it is. Just as clay can be fashioned only when it sits exactly in the middle of the potter’s wheel, Christians must be in the centre of God’s perfect Will to grow spiritually and according to His plan. If a believer drifts away from that centre, the Potter manoeuvres that person back into position and continues the moulding. This may be through trying times as well as joyful times.

Our God moulds each of His children personally and His plans for His children are all unique and best for each person. His creations reflect His personality and character. And when He forms us as His vessels, the result will be a work of true beauty, wholly committed and dedicated to Him and His purposes.

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