Read: 2 Corinthians 4:17-18

We live in bodies that will perish one day. Paul the apostle said that our outward man is perishing but our inward man is renewed day by day. He also reminds us of the abundant grace of God by which we are able to live a victorious life spiritually, even though the physical man is weak and subject to weaknesses and infirmities. The more the grace of God multiplies in the life of the believer, the more thanksgiving is offered up to Him, and the more glory is given to God by the recipients of His many blessings.

We are reminded that compared to the magnificent riches of God experienced now and all the more in eternity, our present worst times are only light afflictions. The temporal hardships may be a cause for despair for the unbeliever, but Christians view the invisible in faith and rejoice in the Lord.

As a believer, we have no guarantee against troubles and hardships, physical or spiritual. But by God’s grace, we can be victorious in Christ Jesus. If we look these afflictions on the earth in the larger context of what awaits us in eternity, then they will look really insignificant. The joy and the happiness in eternity far outweigh these temporal hardships.

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