Read: Genesis 12:10-20

Abraham left his people and land and travelled where God took him. He and his wife, Sarai, came to the land of Canaan. God appeared to him there and said, “To your descendants I will give this land” (Gen. 12:7). Then he moved further toward the south and dwelt there. Then there was a famine in the land and he went down to Egypt to live there. When they were approaching Egypt he said to his wife “Please say you are my sister, that it may be well with me, for your sake and that I may live because of you” (Gen. 12:13). This was Abraham’s own plan, for he feared that the Egyptians, seeing that his wife was beautiful, would kill him and take her. But his trick did not work. When the princes saw Sarai, they commended her to Pharaoh and she was taken to his palace. If God had not intervened at that time, Abraham would have lost his wife because Pharaoh had intended to take her as his wife. Abraham had acted foolishly. God came to Abraham’s rescue even if his going down to Egypt was not according to God’s plan. And the surprising thing is that Abraham who was called out by God to become a blessing to the nations (Gen. 12:3) brought curse upon Pharaoh and his house (Gen. 12:17) because of Abraham’s disobedience.

This should serve as a valuable lesson for God’s people. When the people of God go out of God’s plan and act on their own, they will not only land in trouble but also cause trouble for others. God is well able to take care of us where He has placed us. We do not need to devise shortcuts. We may face difficulties and problems there, but we do not have to run away or turn away from God’s plan for our lives. Let us not fail when our faith is tested.

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