Read: Colossians 2:16-23

Is Christianity a part of your schedule or the focus of your existence? If God asks for the first day of your week, does that mean He doesn’t care about the other six? We need to keep in mind that God has His perspective on right priorities in our life.

Abraham Kuyper said, “In His Word God absolutely forbids every inclination and every attempt to divide your life into two parts, one part for you and the other for Him. There must be no division. Not six days for you and Sunday for God. Not a secular life sprinkled with godliness. No, on this point the claim of Scripture is as inclusive as possible; and though it may sound strange to your ears, the obligation is imposed upon you that whatsoever you do, you shall do it as unto the Lord. He who as child of God, as servant of Christ, lives his life in this world must in everything be led and carried by his faith. He who divides and makes distinctions robs God of a part that belongs to Him alone. If you are to love your God with all your heart, all your soul, and your mind and powers, every avenue of escape is closed against you.”

You have only one life to live for God, and He is interested in all of it. Viewing one day as more holy, or one rupee as more heavenly, robs God of a part that belongs to Him alone. Can we submit our lives fully to Him? Let us not put any reservations in that and let Him use us the way He pleases.

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