Read: Psalm 119:97-105

The meaning of “restore” is to repair, provide rest, and replenish. There are several self-help books that are meant to help people when they are going through problems and anxieties in life to bring restoration. Counsellors are paid to restore and provide comfort to those who approach them. The truth is that only God can restore our soul. If we have faced difficulty in our life, He will restore us from His Word. His Word will be like a balm to heal our wounds and sadness. David wrote in Psalm 119:105, “Your Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light to my path.” Only God’s Word can lead us in the right direction and illuminate our paths.

God is our Shepherd and He knows the condition of His flock, since He is our Creator and Provider. When David was going through difficult situations in his life, he knew that God was his refuge and strength. If you are in need of a restoration, allow God to work in your life. Open the Bible and meditate on His Word daily. His Word is like a hammer (Jer. 23:29) that can break our calloused hearts and like a double-edged sword that can divide soul and spirit and judge the thoughts and attitudes of the heart (Heb. 4:12). He will give us the wisdom and strength for each day. Allow Him to work and bring restoration in your life.

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