Read: Psalm 23

What do you do when stress comes into your life? What is your response? Whom are you following? Who is the one making decisions in your life? Are you yourself dictating your life?

Psalm 23 describes the relationship between God and His children by comparing that of a shepherd and his sheep. Notice the two pronouns preceding the two verbs. He makes me…He leads me…(Ps. 23:2). Who is in charge? The Shepherd. The Shepherd selects the path and prepares the pasture. And what is the sheep’s job? Our job is to watch and follow the Shepherd.

A child of God always looks to God for direction in life. Whatever may happen, we should acknowledge that it is God who controls and directs our lives. Just as the sheep always follows the shepherd and heeds his instructions for their own safety, we should also listen to our Lord’s guidance and instructions as He leads us in the difficult journey of life. The question is: Are we willing?

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