Read: Psalm 139:1-16

An unmarried young woman got pregnant. Even though she lived in a society that did not place high value on unborn life, she wisely chose to allow her baby to live. That child, whom she later gave for adoption, became part of a Christian family who loved her and showed her the way to Christ.

However, before that girl reached adulthood, she died. Her death brought a massive void in that family’s life. But it also left behind good memories of childhood joy and eagerness. Imagine what they would have missed if they had never held her in their arms, shared Jesus with her, laughed with her, taught her, and cherished her.

Every child is a wonderfully made creation of God’s handiwork (Ps. 139). Every human bears the image of God (Gen. 1:27) and is a descendant of our first God-breathed parent, Adam. Death deprives us of the completion we desire in a life, but it also reminds us of the value of each life. God is the One who creates (Col. 1:16). We ought to cherish His creation and value what He has made. Treasure the gift of life and enjoy the beauty of God’s handiwork.

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