Read: Psalm 35:17-28

Some games are long and demanding, especially if they last for a couple of days. Endurance and skills of the contestants are tested to the absolute limit. We also face similar unending tests in real life which seem to be intense. The long search for a job, a long season of loneliness, or a battle with a deadly disease, etc. can all be times when we may feel there is no end.

The psalmist said, “Lord, how long will You look on? Rescue me from their destructions, my precious life from the lions” (Ps. 35:17). This was a season in David’s life when he was pursued by King Saul and slandered by the king’s advisors. This trial lasted for many years in David’s case. Yet David sang, “Let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant” (Ps. 35:27).

The long period of testing drove him to deeper trust in God. David found strength to endure the years of trials by reflecting on and trusting in God’s character (Ps. 35:9-10). We can also have deeper trust in God in our long seasons of testing, loss, and hardships. When the burdens in life engulf you, remember that God has His arms beneath you.

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