Read: Ecclesiastes 11:4,6

When the season for planting is upon us, the time to plant seeds is when we make time to plant seeds. And when it comes to planting God’s seeds in the soil of eternity, the only certain time that we have is now. Yet, because we are fallible human beings with limited vision and misplaced priorities, we may be tempted to delay. We may procrastinate reading and meditating God’s Word in the morning because we are in a hurry. We may pray a very quick and short prayer because we don’t have sufficient time. And in the evening, we may be too tired to spend some quality time with God before we sleep.

If we hope to reap a bountiful harvest for God, our families, and for ourselves, we must plant now by defeating a dreaded human weakness: the habit of procrastination. Procrastination often results from our short-sighted attempts to postpone temporary discomfort. A far better strategy is this: Whatever ‘it’ is, do it now. When you do, you won’t have to worry about ‘it’ later. Make time in the morning to read God’s Word and pray. If God leads you to help somebody now because that person is in real need, offer your help now. Make quality time in the evening to pray and thank Him for His provision throughout the day. When it comes to spiritual things, it is wise not to procrastinate.

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