Read: Matthew 20:27-28

Have you wondered why God didn’t try to save us without having His only Son, Jesus die the brutal death of crucifixion? The Lord could do anything, isn’t it? Yes, He can do anything, but He can’t violate His holy character. He is absolutely holy. Rom. 3:23 says that “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. From the time when Adam sinned, He has required a penalty for disobedience to His commands. Our sin actually deserves payment of our own life (Gen. 2:17; Rom. 6:23).

Despite this, our loving heavenly Father allowed another life to be offered as a substitutionary payment for our sin. In Old Testament times, the people of God would sacrifice animals to atone for their sins. But that was only a temporary solution. Jesus’ death was the final and permanent sacrifice for sin. Our Saviour took the penalty of sin upon Himself, dying in our place, and taking the Father’s wrath upon Himself. And after three days, He rose from the grave conquering death. We now have direct access to our heavenly Father through Christ’s death on the cross. Once we accept His free gift of full forgiveness and acceptance, our entire debt of sin is cancelled.

You can do nothing on your own to make yourself right with God. But when you believe and trust in Jesus and what He has done to redeem you, you can be forgiven of all your sin and receive eternal life. The cross is the ultimate symbol of forgiveness.

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