Read: John 4:1-15

The United States of America has spent millions of dollars to look for water on Mars. A decade ago, NASA sent two robots, Opportunity and Spirit, to Mars to see if water was present or had been present at one time. Why did the USA do this? Scientists who are examining the data sent back from those two space vehicles are trying to figure out if life ever existed on Mars. And for that to have happened, there had to be water. No water means no life.

Almost two thousand years ago, two people met across the countryside of Samaria looking for water. One was a woman who lived nearby. The other was a man from Galilee. They met at a well near the village of Sychar. When they did, Jesus found the water He was looking for. He also offered the ‘living’ water which He alone could provide. The woman found the water she didn’t know she needed (John 4:5-15).

Water is essential for both physical and spiritual life. Jesus had a surprise for the woman at the well. He offered her the Water of Life – Himself. He is the refreshing, renewing “fountain of water springing up into everlasting life” (John 4:14).

Do you know anyone looking for water? Someone who is spiritually thirsty? Introduce that person to Jesus, the Living Water. Because that is the greatest discovery of all time. Jesus, the Living Water, alone can satisfy the thirsty soul.

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