Read: Matthew 14:22-23

Today people are so busy that their days are loaded with activities, their calendars are full of clutter, and they are unable to spend real time in prayer. Some are so busy that they skip church activities also. Many are so interested in catching up with their social friends on networking sites rather than opening the Bible and reading God’s Word. This is unhealthy because God often speaks in a still, small voice – the kind heard only in moments of silence (1 Kings 19:11-13).

Regarding the importance of Jesus’ search for solitude, John Calvin said, “By going to the mountain He was seeking a time of prayer free from interruption. We all know how easily prayer can be quenched by the least distraction. Although Christ did not suffer from this weakness, He warned us by His example to be careful to disengage our minds from the snares of the world, so that we may be carried up to heaven. The most important thing is solitude. Those who pray with God as their only witness will be more watchful, will pour forth their hearts to Him, and will examine themselves more carefully. The freedom to pray in all places does not prevent us from praying in secret.”

If you love a person enough, won’t you spend quality time with that person? It is the same with God. How often do you experience silence and pray in that silent environment? How much priority do you give it? Jesus left the praises of the crowds and climbed a mountain to pray. In fact, He prayed until shortly before dawn (Matt. 14:25). Jesus was committed to prayer. God hears your quick prayers. But He desires that you give Him an uncluttered slice of your time, free from the distractions of the day. For that, you may have to turn off your cell phone, walk away from your computer, or reorganize your schedule. Are all these more valuable than “being still and knowing” God (Ps. 46:10)?

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