Read: Acts 11:19-30

The lives and message of the early disciples reminded people of Jesus Christ and they began calling them Christians. Only true believers live a radical life in a way that they remind people of Jesus. The casual Christian does not oppose to many things of this world and does not do much to be distinctively Christian. Close observation of many Christians reveals that there are not many differences between them and a non-Christian. Scripture teaches us that our lifestyle and our message should set us apart as those of Christ.

The Greek storyteller Aesop told a story of men feeding pigeons in a park. As they were feeding them, a flock of crows passed over them. Thinking that they could get a free meal, the crows rolled in ashes and pretended to be pigeons. As they began eating, one man said, “These birds don’t really look like pigeons.” Another said, “They don’t walk like pigeons.” Another saw one of the crows eat a dead mouse, and he said, “It doesn’t eat like a pigeon.” Suddenly one crow screamed, “Caw, caw, caw!” And someone said, “It doesn’t talk like a pigeon.” Then everyone said, “They are not pigeons.”

If a person does not eat, talk, walk, or look like a Christian, then that person is not likely a Christian. Being a Christian will show its effect in all the areas of one’s life. You cannot hide one area of your life and act as if you are a true Christian. Let us be real Christians in word and deed.

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