Read: Job 1

No true child of God can escape the eye of the enemy. The devil and his army are always seeking to harm us as we walk the walk of faith. Job – “a blameless and upright man” (Job 1:8) was providentially protected by a “hedge” of angels (Job 1:10; Ps. 34:7), and he had to fight off Satan’s attacks. But as we see in the book of Job, nothing can come near us unless God allows it. We are protected on all sides by His presence, for He is before us (Isa. 48:17), behind us (Isa. 30:21), to our right (Ps. 16:8), to our left (Job 23:9), above us (Ps. 36:7), beneath us (Deut. 33:27), and within us (1 Cor. 3:16).

I came to read the story of a pastor named Austin Dibb who fell seriously sick. In his weak condition, he felt the strong attack of the devil. When a friend visited him, Austin remarked, “I have had a terrible conflict with the enemy today. The devil said, “You have been my enemy all your life, Austin, and now I have you fast. I shall have my revenge on you on the deathbed.” In answer to that, I replied, “Devil, the Lord has put a hedge around me, and you can’t touch me.”” The friend asked, “What did the evil one say to that?” Austin replied, “Nothing! The devil just fled, and I fell into a peaceful sleep.” From that day onwards, Austin Dibb had confidence in the security and protection of God. We can also be like that, because God always keeps His “hedge” around us.

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