Read: Proverbs 16:20

When adverse circumstances arise, it is hope that can sustain us through that phase. Without hope, it is almost impossible to go through the dry seasons. But what is hope based on? And what hope? Is it blind optimism that everything will get better? Is it just positively thinking that things will improve, things will change for the good? Is that hope based on this world’s principles?

Real hope is based on God’s Word. Real hope can be provided by God alone. And He speaks to us through His Word. When you find yourself drowning in overwhelming circumstances, ask God to give you a promise to which you can cling – a promise on which you can base your hope. Hope that is based simply on what you want or what you feel is not a genuine expression of faith. Our hope must be based on God’s Word, because that alone is genuine true hope. What promise from God’s Word can you cling to today?

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