Read: Exodus 13:8

Knowing your Christian heritage can strengthen your trust and devotion to God. The Israelites were to tell the next generation about the miraculous and powerful works God did in delivering them from slavery in Egypt – the plagues, the angel of death, the parting of the Red Sea, and the destruction of the Egyptian army. It was God’s command to teach their children regarding these acts of God. Similarly, we are to tell the next generation about the wonders God did in delivering us from slavery to sin – Christ coming in human form, living a sinless life, His willingness to submit to death on the cross, the brutal crucifixion, and the glorious resurrection.

What are you teaching your children? Are you concerned more about their spiritual well-being, their relationship with God? What lifestyle legacy will you leave your child? Children are the message that every parent sends to a generation they will not meet. What message from you will your children carry? Will you be imparting to them the baseless principles of this world like greed, self-centredness, pride, hypocrisy, falsehood, and immorality? Or will you be imparting the truth of God’s Word and wisdom so that from eternity’s standpoint, they will be truly blessed?

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