Read: James 3:9-18

Every day, we either “sow to the flesh” or “sow to the Spirit” (Gal. 6:8). In our thinking and deeds, we are sowing the seeds which will affect what we will eventually become and the level of impact of our life in God’s will.

The “flesh” is the natural element in us which wants to live and act independently of God. Even after our salvation, the pull of the “flesh” does not disappear. The Holy Spirit will help us to turn from the deceptive pull of the “flesh” and He will strengthen us to live according to God’s truth. If our choices are in line with the Spirit’s leading, we are sowing good seeds which will contribute to even more growth. When you sow to the Spirit, you accept God’s truth into your mind and heart.

The fruit of the Spirit grows naturally from the seeds of godly truth. When you feed your spirit with the things of God, you will eventually become stronger and will reflect the nature of Christ. The world will see more of Christ in our words and actions.

What are you feeding your spirit? Are you feeding on God’s truth or are you allowing the world to dictate your life? Do you let the streams of living water flow from you to nourish others (John 7:37-39)?

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