Read: Joshua 6:12-20 

The march of Joshua and the Israelites around the walls of Jericho is a good example of how the Lord accomplishes His purposes in mysterious ways. Many times God leads His children along winding paths when He intends to perform a work which will bring them rich spiritual blessing. Those periods of waiting and doing something else other than what you really desire to do can be really trying. The people of Israel desired to capture the city, but they are now going around the city walls. It may seem illogical, but that is how God leads His children. It is not the work that is difficult but the lack of understanding. It may be easy enough to blow a trumpet or walk around the city walls. The hard thing is to see the good of it.

Sometimes we wonder how God can be guiding us when we are not reaching our destination and we seem to be going in circles. One obstacle after another hinders our progress. We may feel like asking, “Why should I go on such long, seemingly useless journeys when I should be fighting the battles of the Lord?” We should remember one thing: God is always leading our way and He is preparing for us everything we need as we wait on Him.

As we meditate on today’s Scripture passage, let us have more faith in our Lord, knowing that He is leading us to a great and blessed victory in Him.

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