Read: Joel 2:12-17

The cars of modern times are technologically sophisticated and they have many warning lights on the dashboard for the driver to be alerted if something is wrong. It is always wise for the driver to pay heed to those warning lights and check the car’s systems so as to avoid needless trouble on the way, and costlier repairs. Ignoring such lights will also lead to loss of time and serious inconveniences to the owner.

In Joel 2:12-17, we read that God used the prophet Joel to encourage His people to pay attention to the warning light on their spiritual dashboard. Immense prosperity had caused them to become satisfied and complacent, and also negligent in their commitment to the Lord. Their faith had degenerated into empty ceremonies and their lives into moral bankruptcy. So God sent a locust plague to ruin their crops in order to get His people’s attention, causing them to change their behaviour and turn to Him with their whole hearts.

What warning lights are flashing in your life? Are you able to see them? Conviction itself is God’s warning light. If you feel convicted now, what needs to be tuned up or repaired through confession and repentance? Do not ignore those warnings from God. Pay attention to them today and do the needful. Get right with God today.

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